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Timken Aerospace is dedicated to engineering, designing and manufacturing precision bearings for the aerospace industry.

Timken FAA-PMA certified bearings are class 2 (metric toleranced bearings made to class N), which have a maximum radial runout of 0.0015 inches.

Timken FAA-PMA certified product is manufactured specifically for the aircraft industry assuring a higher level of reliability than a standard class bearing.

In the case of Timken FAA-PMA certified products, Code 629 includes:

  • Honed cup races, cone races and rollers
  • Each race is 100 percent hardness checked to ensure proper surface strength
  • 100 percent visual inspection
  • Optimized roller size variation for more uniform load distribution between rollers
  • Revision control to prevent unapproved product process changes

All Timken FAA-PMA approved bearings are identified as 2-629 which signifies their primary application is for the aircraft industry.

Flite Path is the Australian & New Zealand distributor for Timken wheel bearings.